Badge Maker

Event badges are not just badges anymore. They can be powerful check-in tools, networking tools and even branded to match your event. With RegOnline’s badge maker, you can design your own badges online. Create different badge designs depending on the attendee type and add as little or as much information as you want.

With the badge maker, there’s no more manual entry for you or your staff. In RegOnline simply click on the fields you want to include on the badge — it can be as straightforward as name and company name or as complex as allergies and dietary needs. Once you have set up your badge templates, the name badge will automatically pull the necessary information from registration.

This all takes place when you are logged in to your RegOnline dashboard. You can choose from 20 different badge layouts, add a logo or picture, and add text anywhere on the badge. It’s easy to use and you can save all of your different badge types online for future use. When attendees check in at your event, you can print their badges instantly and the included barcodes will allow you to keep track of their activity from within the RegOnline system. The stress from creating badges is eliminated and that little piece of paper can now act as a type of GPS anytime you need to find (or find info about) an attendee.

This is what you can do with RegOnline’s badge maker:

  • Create multiple badge templates depending on attendee type
  • Choose from 20 different badge layouts
  • Point and click to add new text, images, auto-updating fields, and barcodes
  • Match badges with your event branding
  • Scan and track your participants from check-in to lead generation

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