Customer Engagement Marketing

Apps, widgets, tweets, shares, and tablets—what do they all mean? They’re just a bunch of weird, made-up words that say the consumer has much more access to and power over the brands they love. Customer engagement marketing, therefore, is a way for brands and companies like yours to interact with your powerful target audience rather than spam them. By using our software, you’ll talk to your audience through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, mobile, and your website. As this conversation continues, you can track how it improves your number of attendees and return on investment.

Your main event is still most important, but engagement tools let you talk to your audience before and after the big show. Now you’re building a community more than an event. As for your attendees, they can make good connections before the event even starts, and after they’ll have a good way to follow up with people they met. This makes for a better and longer experience for everyone involved. And if your attendees have a great experience, you can almost bet on the fact that they’ll be back for your next event.

This is what our customer engagement marketing tools will help you do:

  • Use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to talk to your target audience
  • Offer mobile apps to improve attendee experience
  • Create individual profiles for attendees to manage themselves
  • Provide attendee directories so registrants can log in and make connections at any time in the event process

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