Lead Retrieval

No matter how good the food or speakers, capturing leads will always be one of the most important parts of an event for organizers and exhibitors. Bosses want to know how attending a tradeshow or event will impact sales and attendees want to build some new, cool partnerships. With RegOnline’s lead retrieval system, your exhibitors will be capturing leads quickly and effectively through a hand-held, smart phone device.

Your exhibitors won’t have to stack up wads of business cards anymore because they can simply scan the name badge of an attendee. Once the lead is captured, exhibitors will get access to that person’s contact information. If the attendee has been using the Pathable social network for your event, exhibitors will get access to all of the activity and information there as well. All of that valuable data will be securely stored on the device at the event and exhibitors will be able to access the lead information from the time of capture to sales follow up.

The lead retrieval system includes:

  • Mobile access
  • As many Blackberry devices as needed for your event
  • Easy Bluetooth barcode reader
  • Real-time data that can be viewed and exported via the web into Excel or text format
  • Custom question and note creation
  • Quick print to optional Bluetooth printer
  • Usage training prior to the event and support during

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