Custom Event Reports

We all know there’s a lot of stuff to keep track of when you host an event. And the boss loves to see pretty charts and graphs. With RegOnline’s online event reports, you can toss the clipboards, recycle those old paper tracking systems and present nice clean reports. Event organizers can easily build standard or custom reports and share them with just a link. You can run all of the necessary financial and accounting reports right from the dashboard. The data is automatically updated in real-time so that you’re always on top of your event’s status. Also, RegOnline integrates with other systems so that you won’t have two different data sets.

You can track registration and payment information as it comes in. You can even run travel and lodging reports and pull together all the financials you need. When you’re done customizing your reports, you can download them into a PDF, text file, excel file, and a few more formats, or just email them as links. With RegOnline, you can just hit a few buttons, then view and share all of your event’s necessary information.

Here’s what you’ll get with our online event reports:

  • View standard reports on attendees, financials, lodging, and more
  • Create custom reports to match your business needs
  • Share them in real-time with a simple web link
  • Export to PDF, text, excel, CVS, or XML documents

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