Are DIY Blinds Better Than Wynstan Blinds

You have several options when it comes to upgrading or installing new blinds around your home. The kind of blinds which will work best in your home is determined by several factors, notably appearance, functionality, and budget.


Wynstan provides you different types of blinds that look aesthetic and pleasing for your house.


Let’s look at the different types


Roller Blinds


Roller blinds, often known as Holland blinds, are lower in profile window treatments that offer accurate sun control. Whenever lowered, they are easy and neat, and whenever raised, they are unobtrusive. They function well on both small and large windows.


They are of the following types:


  • Single System or Double system
  • Split or Linked System
  • Fabrics
  • Fascia Or Cassette
  • Colors
  • Motors


Vertical Blinds



Vertical blinds, which are traditionally used through sliding doors and patio doors, provide a distinctive design interest to windows in living, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Vertical blinds are a common choice for business buildings and huge expanses of windows because they can be adjusted to fit almost any space.


The different types include:


  • Weights — To keep blinds from flying in the wind, use weights.
  • Fabric options include blockout, low allergenic, light-filtering, and flame-retardant options.
  • Colors — A wide range of colors and textures to match your home’s decor.
  • Stacking options include left, center, right, and split stack, based on the area of the window or door opening.
  • Single drapes can readily be changed if they become damaged.
  • Different Slat Sizes

Roman Blinds


Whether elevated or lowered, Roman blinds include horizontal fabric panels that give an attractive, fitted aesthetic. A batten connects each fabric panel on both the front and back, which helps form the neat folds whenever the blinds are lifted.


The different types are as below:


  • For aesthetic interest, use hidden metal studs on the back or exposed hardwood battens on the front.
  • Light filtering or blockout fabrics
  • There are dozens of textiles in solids, patterns, and patterns to choose from.
  • Low allergenic, as well as fire-retardant textiles, are provided for health and safety.


Venetian Blinds


When most people think of traditional blinds, they think of horizontal slats which can be adjusted with only a wand and lifted or lowered with a cord.


Nowadays, however, the options for Venetian blinds are nearly endless:


  • Aluminum is a versatile, functional, and cost-effective material.
  • A variety of thicknesses are available to strengthen the strength of the product.
  • Manufactured from 95% recycled aluminum, this product is environmentally friendly.
  • Additional Thermostop Slats boost insulation and save energy.
  • Wide range of pastels, neutrals, and metallics.
  • Satin, matt, gloss, pearlized and brushed finishes are available.
  • Slat Size


Timber Or Timber Look


Timber look, timeless look, and functional style, based on the finish and installation, Venetian blinds can give a room a more elegant or casual feel.


They are


  • Durable
  • Varied Colours
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Slat Size




Wynstan blinds are versatile, varied in types, high in quality, and affordable. So, Wynstan gives you a wide range to choose from as compared to DIY blinds for your house.