Advanced Pranic Healing Course - 3 - 4 August 2019 Eltham

Saturday, 3 August 2019
Advanced Pranic Healing Course - 3 - 4 August 2019 Eltham
Saturday, 3 August 2019 9:30 AM -
Sunday, 4 August 2019 5:30 PM (Melbourne Time)

Pranic Healing Centre of Victoria, Eltham
413 523 711
11 Valley Park Grove
Eltham, Victoria

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MCKS Advanced Pranic Healing® 
Level 2 Course 

Advanced Pranic Healing is a specialized workshop for those who wish to become more effective healers.

In Advanced Pranic Healing®, you will learn how to utilize color prana for quicker, more effective healing results. Colored prana creates a more focused effect on the energy field and the chakras.

During the Advanced Pranic Healing Course you will learn:

  • More advanced methods of scanning the chakras and energy body
  • How to use different energy healing frequencies to more rapidly and effectively treat a wide range of ailments
  • Powerful specialized healing techniques: You'll learn Rapid Healing of Wounds, Cellular Regeneration, Cleansing of the Internal Organs, Cleansing of the Blood and other techniques to boost the immune system.
  • A more advanced method of cleansing the diseased energies
  • A more advanced method of rapidly replenishing/energizing the energy body and chakras
  • How to heal more complicated and severe aliments
  • How to rapidly increase or decrease the size of the chakras to normalize them
  • How to apply the Advanced Pranic Healing techniques to other areas of life
  • How to refine and expand on the skills taught in the Basic Pranic Healing Course

The fee is $330 for new students with the option of a $100 deposit and a fee of $100 for repeat students.

All PRANIC HEALING courses are 'experiential', which means that you learn by actually performing the techniques and exercises in class -- on yourself and those around you.

During class, all the principles will be explained thoroughly and you will practice the techniques exhaustively so you will be confident in your ability to produce positive results when you have finished the course.

Prerequisite: Basic Pranic Healing


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