2019 Port Nelson Schools Triathlon

Rabbit Island, Tasman
Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Port Nelson Schools Triathlon

For schools from the top of the south

2019 Port Nelson Schools Triathlon
Tuesday, 19 March 2019 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM (New Zealand Time)

Rabbit Island
Beach Reserve
Rabbit Island, Tasman 7081
New Zealand

Map and Directions


What a perfect day. More than 150 competitors.
Results and photos will be on a news page of the Nelson Tri Club website soon - click here

 Start Time:
 10am (high tide 10.20am)
Registration: 8am to 9.15am
Briefing: 9.30am
Online entries close 5pm Tuesday February 26
Entries may be submitted by individuals or by schools on their behalf. Individuals must certify that they are entering with their school's knowledge and approval.
All entries must be made online at this site
Entry limit 150 competitors. Minimum age 10 years old
Individual entry $10, Team entry $21

Race Distances/Categories:
U12 & U13
(competitors must be at least 10 years old on January 1, 2019)
250m swim/ 9.3km cycle/ 2km run
(1 lap swim, 4 laps bike, 2 laps run)

U14 & U16 
400m swim/ 11.7km cycle/ 3km run
(2 laps swim, 5 laps bike, 3 laps run)

550m swim/ 16.3km cycle/ 4km run
(2 laps swim, 7 laps bike, 4 laps run) 
Drafting on the cycle course is legal for this age group.

There are Girls and Boys teams categories in each age group. May comprise two or three persons but MAY NOT include an individual doing the first leg of the event. A mixed team may be entered, but will compete in Boys category.

Teams compete in age group of the oldest competitor
Ages are taken as at January 1, 2019
For example U14 (Under 14) must be aged 13 or less on January 1, 2019.
Please enter in the correct age group.

Course Description:

Swim: Off front beach at Rabbit Island. 
Cycle: On a 2.33km per lap course on main access road. Because of the closure of the forest due to the fire risk, we are no longer able to offer public traffic a diversion. That means the road must remain open to public traffic, but a lower speed limit will be imposed and marshals will alert traffic to the event. Because of the timing of the event mid-week, not much traffic is expected.
Run: On a 1km circuit taking in sealed roads and a rough trail above the beach front (the site of the former road).

Race briefing, athlete manual, maps

Race briefing notes, athlete manual and maps, click here
Note that a race briefing covering the main points will precede the start. Some map details have been altered because of recent storm damage.

Health and Safety Plan

A comprehensive H&S Plan is available, click here

After Race Function/Prize-giving
A brief prize-giving function will be held as soon as possible after the completion of the event at the race venue.

Access and parking

Because of the road closure, access to the venue will be to the west through the forest. This access is not sealed and is slightly rough in places but suitable for all but the most low-slung vehicles. Parking will be signposted to the west of the run course, so no traffic will cross any part of the bike or run course

Medals will be awarded to individual winners in each age group.

Top Performing School
An inter-school trophy will be awarded to the top performing school based on points from all categories. Individual categories will count for double points.

Competitors must accept the following and schools are asked to make competitors aware of these conditions:
I/We accept that triathlon, swimming, cycling and running are inherently dangerous and that accidents can occur that may result in serious injury and/or death and /or property damage.

I/We agree that I/We compete at my/our own risk and I/We waive liability against the race organisers or any associated parties for any personal injury, loss of personal equipment, or damage to third party property that may result as a consequence of my/our involvement in this event.
I/We agree that I/we fully understand the type of event I/We are entering including the conditions and rules of entry, risks and possible hazards of participation. These risks and hazards may come from other competitors, road conditions, environmental conditions including adverse changes in weather conditions, equipment failure, lack of participants preparation to take part in such a demanding activity.
I/We accept that this event is being held in outdoor areas and that I/We have the skills and competence to participate in this event safely and will take all precautions to look after my/our own safety and look out for the safety of fellow competitors.
I/We agree to any results and/or photos being used for promotion. I/We accept that it is my/our responsibility to ensure that my/our equipment in a safe usable condition and that my/our cycle helmet meets required safety standards and fits correctly.
I/We agree that the information collected with this entry may be held by the organiser and/or sponsors and used to provide me/us with information on future triathlon, multisport or sporting events.
In particular I/we have sufficient skill and experience to ride safely in this event, especially considering the proximity of other riders.


Contact Information

  • Race Organisers: 
    Peter Gibbs,
    Race director
    Nelson Triathlon and Multisport Club
    027 2406 933

    Luke Frame
    Secondary Schools Regional Sports Director
    Sport Tasman
    03 546 3307
    029 776 3307
    Fax: 03 546 3300

Payment Instructions

  • Online entry list
    click here 
    Note to schools. The most convenient option is often to allow students to complete their own registration. If so, details of entries will be available through the link above, so you can track your own students and their plans. Alternatively, schools may wish to place the entries on this site, collecting the money from each student. Please note that the race organisers are volunteers with many other commitments, so ensure entries arrive in good time. Late entries will not be accepted. A full report in pdf format, sorted by school, will be available prior to the event. It will continue to populate until entries close at 5pm Tuesday February 26.
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