Ideas for Bathroom Renovations

When renovating a bathroom, you’re typically only limited by your budget. The options for bathroom fixtures and upgrades are seemingly endless, and tile can be customized to suit any homeowners’ fancy. Some ideas for bathroom renovations popular may not fit into your budget or lifestyle, so we’ve listed a few timeless bathroom renovation ideas.


Trendy Freestanding Bathtubs

Unlike your old clawfoot tub, these trendy freestanding bathtubs are no longer made of metal, and can transform a bathroom instantly. Ranging from acrylic to marble, these tubs don’t attach to any fixtures or walls. They can be placed wherever plumbing allows, and come in many interesting shapes and styles. In addition, they’re often fitted with spa features, making them mini whirlpools.


Updated Vanities

The updated vanities that are popular at the moment can transform a bathroom. The double sink vanity has become a necessity for many couples, and they’re being fitted with counters that would rival many kitchen countertops. Marble and granite countertops are being spotted on bathroom vanities, as well as concrete countertops. Also, the touchless faucets are gaining popularity in the bathroom.

Glass Showers with Dual Showerheads

Dual showerheads turn a shower into an experience. When you have a glass shower stall, you have to invest in dual showerheads. The effect is like a spa experience. Glass shower stalls are available in many different sizes and styles, and can give your bathroom an upgraded look instantly. You can have wall mounted showerheads, or mount them from the ceiling for extra dramatic effect.


Chandeliers and Wall Sconces

The days of vanity lighting are gone, and they’ve ushered in wall sconces and mini chandeliers. The new lighting fixtures bring a dramatic effect to the bathroom, and are often the focal point of the renovated bathroom. Pendant lighting is a new favorite of many homeowners, and they’re available in many styles that will fit in any space. Mini chandeliers are a sure way to add class and give your bathroom a focal point of design.


All White Minimalist

The chic new all white minimalist look is the current buzz in bathroom remodels. From tile to tub, everything is white, and the look is much warmer than you would think. Subway tile is often used in these white bathrooms, and this look is great with glass shower stalls.


Waterfall Showers

An interesting bathroom remodel concept is the waterfall shower. Basically, the shower is designed to look as though you’re standing at a waterfall. This is created by installing stone in the walls and installing a shower head that pours water over the stones, cascading onto the person showering. The effect is very interesting and dramatic, and can be done with limited space. Finishing this look with murals, or wallpaper that features a jungle plant print can completely transform a bathroom.


Some of our favorite design ideas for bathroom renovations that are gaining popularity are the beach style bathroom, the sleek contemporary bathroom, and the black powder room. When you’re looking for bathroom renovator ideas, the possibilities are endless.