RegOnline® is now Cvent Event Management

Over two years ago, Cvent acquired RegOnline® (through its merger with Lanyon Solutions, Inc.), positioning Cvent to deliver world-class event management technology and customer support. Since then, we have been diligently building the best of RegOnline® into our Cvent event management platform.

Why are we doing this?

We know RegOnline® is a beloved product, but we’re excited about what lies ahead. We’ve worked to incorporate these two strong solutions into one comprehensive event management product – to support events both large and small.

What does this mean for you?

  • RegOnline® will be retired on December 31, 2019, at 11:59pm Mountain Time
  • Effective April 2, 2019, RegOnline® will no longer set up new accounts or renew existing contracts
  • Customers can continue to use RegOnline® through December 31, 2019 – including managing existing events already created or creating new RegOnline® events taking place in 2019
  • RegOnline® customers with existing events extending past 2019 should call us to discuss
  • Cvent shall continue to provide support services for RegOnline® through 11:59pm Mountain Time, December 31, 2019

How to Find Steel Suppliers in Australia

In the Australian market, to be a successful manufacturing business it is important for you to have the right steel suppliers as they need reliable and constant sources to supply them raw materials. The output of your business will be greatly affected when you find the right supplier. To find the right supplier of steel you will have to consider a few factors like:

Reliability: The supplier you choose must be able to meet the requirements of your business in time. If your suppliers could not supply the required amount of steel in time then it will be difficult for your business to survive. So, you should avoid unreliable suppliers who could not provide you steel constantly. Therefore, before engaging a supplier with your business you must investigate his potentials to supply steel properly

Reviews of previous customers: You should read the reviews of the previous customers of the suppliers to know about their experiences with him as well as the quality of services provided by the suppliers. So, you should always work with highly trained and experienced suppliers so that they can meet your requirements constantly.

Use of latest technologies: The steel supplier you choose in Australia should also manufacture steel by using the latest technologies. The main reason behind this factor is that the quality of steel produced by using obsolete techniques may not be up to the quality you may need to manufacture your products.

Fast and reliable delivery: Though fast delivery is also an important factor to consider while finding a steel supplier in Australia but you should also focus on the rate of rejection of the products supplied by them. It can affect the reliability of the supplier as well as the quality of your products.

Types of steel supplied by

How to Find Warehouse Work in Melbourne

Living in advanced countries like Australia is something good for teenagers and early adults that want to do some job to start gaining money and buy their stuff, and one of the best jobs to do so can be obtained in warehouses! But what do you need to start working in warehouses? And how you can get noticed by a company to start working under such situations and finally start gaining money to live by your own or to get better incomes at the end of the month? All of that will be discovered in the next article, and since we are dealing with Melbourne, you can seem to find better opportunities if you happen to meet the requirements! Stay tuned to learn more.

How to Find Warehouse Work Melbourne?

Sadly, this is not as easy as you might think it is, since not every warehouse is hiring workers every day, and also, they don’t hire anyone out of the blues, you just have to prove your warehouse experience! But how can you do something like that when you haven’t worked in any warehouse yet? Well, it’s pretty simple, you don’t have to prove that you have years of professional experience in other warehouses, you just need to show that you have the required skills to do the designated work, that will be more than enough to pass the test and to finally get the job.

The first skills that you need to have is the capacity of managing time and resources efficiently since you will have to take measures in a lot of situations to know what package or equipment charge first and what others should be charged later it’s important to understand priorities in warehouses job, and if you manage to do so, then you will gain …

How to install a security alarm system?

In the past, installing a security alarm system in your own home was an unthinkable task. Homeowners needed the help of professionals to get things up and running. Nevertheless, in today’s time, modern smart security alarm systems have taken out the complexity out of the installation process. It is now easy and quick to install such system. Next, the following steps to install one have been mentioned below. So, do read on to find out more.

Choosing the system

There are different models to choose from. Each model comes with its own set of features. Before deciding to invest in a system, do make sure that the system is easy to install. In this way you can be sure of the fact that the system of your choosing can be installed by you with ease.

Connecting the system

You have to get it connected for it to work and be useful. Basically, there are 3 basic points where the system needs to be connected; the power supply, internet and your smartphone/device.

Hub can be defined as a piece of equipment that happens to communicate with the other elements that is there in the smart security alarm system of your choosing. You first need to figure out where you want to place the hub in order for it to be connected to the power supply. Then you need to plug the hub into the nearest socket.

Smart security alarm system comes with an app that you need to download onto your smart phone or other smart devices. You need to register your system on the app after completing the verification process. Then you need to set up your home on the app. This can be done by entering your location and the rooms of your home.

So that the hub can …