Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Telethon!

Volunteer registration is at capacity and is now closed. If you are interested in volunteering with Children's Hospital Foundation for other events or on a regular basis, please visit 

We appreciate your support and hope you will tune in to watch Channel Nine Telethon on Saturday 18 November 2017.


Welcome ​to ​the ​Channel ​Nine ​Telethon ​Volunteer ​online ​site, ​where ​you ​can ​register ​to ​become ​a ​volunteer ​or ​make ​changes ​to ​your ​existing ​registration.

Volunteers ​are ​still ​required ​for ​Brisbane ​Roar ​game ​day ​collections ​on ​Friday ​17 ​November. ​

There ​has ​been ​an ​overwhelming ​response ​to ​our ​request ​for ​volunteers ​and ​all ​shifts ​are ​now ​filled ​with ​the ​exception ​of ​the ​Brisbane ​Roar ​game ​day ​collections ​at ​Suncorp ​Stadium ​on ​Friday ​17 ​November! ​If ​you ​can ​help ​out, ​please ​continue ​with ​your ​volunteer ​application.
 ​ ​ ​
Please ​note ​some ​shifts ​have ​waitlist ​opportunities ​still ​available. ​ ​If ​you ​are ​interested ​in ​volunteering ​but ​are ​unavailable ​for ​the ​waitlist ​shifts, ​please ​email ​ ​with ​your ​name, ​email, ​phone ​and ​availability ​over ​17th ​and ​18th ​November ​2017.

We ​are ​recruiting ​over ​300 ​volunteers ​to ​help ​across ​a ​range ​of ​events. ​The ​majority ​of ​volunteers ​are ​needed ​to ​answer ​incoming ​phone ​calls ​and ​process ​donations ​at ​either ​the ​Sunsuper ​Call ​Centre ​in ​Milton ​or ​the ​Royal ​International ​Convention ​Centre ​in ​Bowen ​Hills.

Depending ​on ​the ​role ​you ​will ​need ​to ​have ​all ​or ​some ​of ​the ​following ​skills:
- ​Proficient ​computer, ​phone, ​customer ​service ​and ​English ​speaking ​skills
- ​Event ​management ​or ​project ​management ​skills
- ​Ability ​to ​work ​in ​a ​fast-paced ​environment

Please ​note ​that ​you ​must ​be ​aged ​18 ​years ​and ​over ​to ​volunteer. ​

You'll ​find ​more ​details ​of ​each ​role ​and ​the ​skills ​required ​next ​to ​each ​shift. ​You ​are ​able ​to ​select ​multiple ​shifts ​provided ​they ​don't ​overlap. ​ ​

If ​you ​think ​you ​can ​help ​out, ​please ​continue ​with ​your ​volunteer ​application. ​ ​Please ​note ​that ​your ​registration ​will ​time ​out ​if ​left ​unattended ​so ​please ​complete ​the ​process ​without ​interruption.

We ​look ​forward ​to ​working ​with ​you!

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